Our kitchen reproduces the best traditional dishes to make you discover the secret of the flavors of Morocco and Marrakesh.
All our dishes are home-made with fresh products and strictly chosen, to assure a better freshness.
The meals or the lunches are to command the day before.
Menu à la carte:

** Spécialités Marocaine:
- Tagine Poulet 65 Dhs
- Tagine (Boeuf - Pruneaux) 80 Dhs
- Tagine Mouton 80 Dhs
- Tagine légumes 60 Dhs
- Tagine Kefta 69 Dhs
- Harira Soupe Marocaine 45 Dhs
- Briouat 170 Dhs
- Couscous 220 Dhs
- Salade Cuite 59 Dhs

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